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Ever Wonder About Doing the Holidays Differently?


Are you excited for the holidays? They are approaching fast! If you are like the many people, I’ve been talking to lately you may not be looking forward to them; maybe even dreading them.
Do you remember counting down the days till Christmas or Hanukkah when you were a kid? I certainly do.
The holidays are supposed to be fun, something to anticipate, a celebration!
So why are so many people all Debbie Downer about something they should be thrilled about?
The three biggest complaints that I hear are:
1.  Obligation- You have to go to grandma’s house because that’s what you’ve always done even though you may now live 1000 miles away, you’re still expected to go. Or, so you think.
2.    Over-commitment – You say yes to every happy hour, cookie exchange and holiday party. Oh, and you’ll host dinner for 12, too!
3.    Over-doing it – You’re already pooped and it hasn’t even started yet!
Sound about right?
Let me ask you this…
Have you ever wondered what the holidays would be like if you did something different? Something that you would actually enjoy?
Introducing the Wonder Series, a monthly conversation where you can give yourself permission to wonder and think outside the box.
The conversation with three of our Living Healthy List Experts, Michelle BossLisa Medley, and Stacy Witten will help you embrace change during the holidays that celebrate tradition.
Join in on the discussion on Tuesday, November 19 at 11 am CST.
Sign up to join us, here!
The series will repeat every second Tuesday of the month when we will wonder about another question that can bring you closer to the happy, healthy and fulfilling life that you deserve!
Here’s that link again.

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