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E-mail Driving you to Distraction?

Personal Development

Is your digital world specifically your e-mail driving you to distraction?

Let’s clean it up!

I was looking at my friend’s cell phone screen the other day and something really jumped out at me!  Her mail icon indicated she had over 8000 emails that she hadn’t even opened!  When I asked her about it and she admitted that she didn’t pay attention to the old ones – just the current ones to see if there was anything important there.

Digital clutter is just like any other clutter – it takes up physical and mental bandwidth and you’re ‘not firing on all cylinders’ when that digital clutter is there.

So, my friend may think she doesn’t pay much attention to it, but I guarantee you that some part of her mind is spending time and energy analyzing the fact that she’s got thousands of unopened e-mails – and what they might contain!

Is your e-mail driving you to distraction or denial?

In this video, I’ve got a strategy for you to handle that digital clutter and get it out of your life!


Note that this video references our Let’s Ace Your Space Spring Recharge Boot Camp, which occurred in April 2020.

Please check the Living Healthy List ‘events’ page on a regular basis, to be notified about the next upcoming Boot Camp or other offerings from Let’s Ace Your Space.

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