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Discover How Much Your Heart Can Hold

Personal Development

Lately, I’ve been eating chocolate. Lots of chocolate. My favorites are Dove bites, those yummy squares of cocoa heaven that come with pearls of wisdom tucked inside the wrapper. To justify my habit, I started collecting them to use as writing prompts.  Today’s sweet advice:  Discover how much your heart can hold.

When you think about it, this is a difficult concept to wrap your arms around. Discovering how much your heart can hold means leaving it wide open to experiencing all that love has to offer, which without fail, includes some level of pain.

Whether it be unrequited love, betrayal, rejection, ill-timed, or tragically lost, like sunshine and rain, pain often becomes the price for loving. The fear of being hurt is always a possibility and for many of us, its reality.  To love freely enough to make this valuable discovery of understanding how much your heart can hold is counter-intuitive.

Let me tell you the truth. Love will never hurt you, it cannot and it will not. It simply doesn’t work that way.

I always find it interesting that most of us have no issue pursuing our professional dreams with passion and gusto. We fuel up on ambition and go for it. We stumble and fall but pick ourselves up and are off and running again, gobbling up success until are egos are stuffed.

But not so much with our hearts. We protect and isolate this very icon of passion like a frail newborn, forgetting that it is the most resilient and giving treasure of all. Its capacity is infinite, and yet, we’re afraid to discover just how much love our hearts can hold because of who might come along and crack it.

Love is the Cure

Here’s a perspective shift for you:  A cracked heart leaks is love, so worst case, you already have the antidote for what ails you!

The thing is when you let the fear of loving hold you back, you keep yourself tethered to the post of unfulfilled potential. You essentially rob yourself of a multitude of personal lessons and successes. So, start to discover your heart’s capacity by giving yourself a strong dose of love every day. Compliment yourself, see yourself the way you want to be seen, and treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

Begin there, and you’ll soon be convinced that you’re are not only loveable but worthy of it as well. And once that mindset shift happens, you’ll experience the joy of a heart bursting with all that you meant to experience—joy, abundance, and yes, goo gobs and goo gobs of love.

Remember the more you practice loving, the better you are at it. And the better quality of love you can give, the better quality of love you will receive. So, get out there and discover just how much your heart can hold and in time you will be ready for the love you say you want.


With love, Lori!

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