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De-stress from Holiday Bliss


The most favorite time of the year is here!

Parties, shopping, caroling, baking, decorating, cooking. Holiday Bliss!  It’s all supposed to bring Joy, Peace and Good Will! Although we may appreciate the Blessings of the Season, for many it can present the most difficult and stressful time.

Especially for women, who tend to be the nurturers, who find themselves caring for everyone else, and lastly if at all about themselves, the holiday season can come and go as one big stressful blur.


Suggestions for a Merry & Bright Holiday Season!


  1. Get it down on paper. Making a gift and to-do list will help you stop the swirling in your head, and keep your gifting on track. I like to call this Brain Dump. We tend to get stressed when we think we have more to accomplish then we actually do or need to. Putting your To Do’s on paper helps you to prioritize and get stuff done!
  2. Focus on one Activity at a time: Take the time to smell the Frazier fir! Savor each moment of the holidays from baking cookies to wrapping presents. Try not to jump from one thing to another. Enjoy the smells, tastes and memories you are creating.
  3. Breathe! Mindful breathing is one of the best exercises you can do for your health and body. Most folks don’t pay attention to their breathing. This results in mostly taking shallow breaths throughout the day. Over the course of time, this leads to vital oxygen rationing. The body can’t function properly. When you don’t inhale enough Oxygen and exhale enough carbon dioxide…you create brain fog, fatigue, and more. Deep and Mindful breathing helps reduce stress, tension, and depression. Take a Deep Breath and Relax!!
  4. Gratitude Prayers. Begin and end each day with a Gratitude prayer. Count your Blessings. Remember the reason for the season and make being thankful a daily practice. You will be amazed at how calming and beneficial this can be in your life.
  5. Exercise: Daily exercise automatically will reduce your daily stress and boost your serotonin levels. Don’t forget to keep it going during the Holidays! Maybe some dancing or ice skating?
  6. Sleep: When your body is sleep-deprived, it goes into a state of stress. Get those ZZZ’s and have plenty of energy for those Holiday Parties!
  7. Eat Healthily.  A good whole food diet will keep your energy levels up, prevents weight gain, and keeps the nasties from spoiling your fun by boosting your immune system. Good Home Cooking makes for great family memories too! Get the kids to help!
  8. Volunteer: There are numerous benefits to “Giving” of your time: It connects you with others, provides a sense of purpose, combats depression, and provides The Happiness Effect. Consider volunteering during the Holidays for those less fortunate, and continue into the New Year.
  9. Say No! Don’t over-commit yourself. This will give you more time to ENJOY the Holidays!
  10. Take Time for YOU. We are usually so busy taking care of others, that we forget about taking time for ourselves. Self-care is so important to de-stress, as well as for Good Health! Take a soothing bath, get a massage, or connect with nature. Your body will thank you!
  11. And finally, remember to be PRESENT in all that you do. Put away the phones, Ipads, and all devices. Connect with your families and loved ones instead. Create those treasured memories together.

Cheers & Love!! XO (and a stress-free body!)

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