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Can Romance Make Happiness Happen

Personal Development

Every month I host an online event called the Wonder Series where I ask two or three experts one question.   Sometimes the question is something that you have been wondering about forever but been too embarrassed to ask and sometimes they are things you may not have considered.  Guess what the two most frequently asked questions are about.  Love and Romance.

Living Healthy List focuses on a monthly theme that most of our articles and the Wonder Series are tied, sometimes directly and other times loosely to that theme.   Our theme for August is Can Romance Make Happiness Happen. 

Where did I come up with that one? They are both listed on the National Awareness Month Calendar.  August is Romance Awareness Month.  It’s also National Happiness Happens Month, too.

Initially, I thought of romance and happiness as two separate things though related.  Happiness tends to be a transient feeling and romance a series of gestures like candlelight dinners and champagne. Yes, it’s true that having a great romance in your life is an amazing thing but how much champagne can you drink?

OK, that is a dumb question.


My Only Regret Is That I Have Not Drunk More Champagne In My Life  – John Maynard Keynes


I gave this concept more thought and made a connection that you might find a little out of the box.

That’s exactly what the Wonder Series is about, thinking differently, acting differently so you can do things differently to create the healthy, happy life you’ve always wanted.


BTW, if you need to brush up on your romance read more here.

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BTW, if you’re into champagne, check these out!

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