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Be Your Own Number One Fan!

Personal Development

I’m Leanne Pruett with Let’s Ace Your Space, and I help on the go people clear up your clutter so that it no longer blocks your momentum and so you can gain control in your life and become your own number one fan!

To understand clutter let’s take a look at where it comes from.  I  believe that clutter emerges from indecision in different areas of life. Clutter keeps you from being your own number one fan.

If you look around your house I bet you have a lot of stuff lying around that you haven’t decided where to put.  A simple decision.   The clutter in your life comes from the fact that you avoided making small decisions that multiplied and have taken control.

When you don’t make decisions – you end up with stuff or clutter and that clutter gets in the way of the way you live your life.    Clutter manifests itself in several forms – but ultimately it is indecisions in some part of our lives that needs sorting out.

Did you know that clutter can keep you from doing things for yourself?  Things you often do for others.



How many times do you do things for somebody else that you don’t do for yourself? Why is it that we’re motivated to do things for other people, but not for ourselves?

Today, let’s turn that around and realize that we really are and deserve to be our own number one fan!

Be your OWN Number One Fan – Realize that YOU deserve to have that upgrade in your life because you’re worth it

  • Peace and calm of your decluttered space
  • Regain that time and money that clutter is costing you
  • Enjoy your time the way you want, instead of consumed with clutter!


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