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A Solution to Fear and Anxiety

Personal Development

As a Midlife Courage Coach, I understand that most women deal with fear or anxiety every day.  You may not think that you are.  But, you are!  Even the most put together of us is combatting some type of fear or another and we really do need a solution to fear and anxiety to help us move forward in our lives.

I don’t necessarily mean fear for your safety, that’s a separate issue.  It’s something much more deeply seeded and personal.

Have you ever thought that:

  • you are not good enough
  • smart enough
  • educated enough

Maybe your fear is how people perceive you.  Are you constantly saying yes to requests from others?  Do you take on tasks whether at work or in your personal life that you really aren’t interested that leave you overwhelmed and short on time?  There is a solution.

Are you afraid of success?  It seems counterproductive especially for those of us who have spent years cultivating a career.  Let’s analyze the question a little.  Have you ever refrained from sharing an idea at work?   Spoken up or let someone else take credit for your ideas or work?   You may not recognize it as such but this is fear of being judged.  It could refer to work, volunteering efforts or other social interactions as well.   You don’t want to be seen as pushy or bitchy.  I’ve never heard that one before!

These are all common fears that we often internalize which holds us back from success and living the lives we desire. However, if we don’t see them as fears ( problems, issues -give it a name) how can you find a solution?


The Fear And Anxiety Solution


I’m excited to share this interview with Dr. Freidemann Schaub, who has helped thousands to break the bonds of fear, terror, and dread, whether the fear is of spiders, rejection, flying…or even aging.

The author of The Fear & Anxiety Solution, this scientist and doctor believes that by accessing our subconscious we can tap into our true potential and gain a better understanding of who we really are.

Tune in on our chat and you’ll learn:

  • How you can stop being an avoider, people-pleaser or victim
  •  Why fear is not always a “bad” thing
  • What it means to update the subconscious and how to do it
  • Why a successful cardiologist would leave his practice to work on fear with his patients
  • The very first step in overcoming anxiety and fear

My hope is that this interview empowers you to face your fears head-on and live the second half of your life for you!

Here’s the link to the interview again.

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