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A Healthy Alternative to Coffee


Melissa Brennan, DC, FICPA  forward by Denise Stegall

Ah, the proverbial question, “Is Coffee Bad for You”?  The answer when it comes to the traditional cup of java is… there are some reasons to drink coffee and other reasons, not to.  Which in itself provides us with a constant dilemma “to drink or not to drink”. That is the question.

On the positive side potentially coffee has healthy antioxidant benefits and has been found to help short-term memory.

On the negative side, your cup of Joe, especially after a certain time of day, can interrupt the quality of your sleep.  Which then leads to a night of bad sleep.  Which leads to you feeling tired in the morning. Which leads to you needing more coffee.

In this brief video, Dr. Melissa Brennan tells us about one of her patients who suffered from severe back pains and spasms.  She was eating right, drinking plenty of water, and receiving chiropractic adjustments but her pain wasn’t any better.

Dr. Melissa reviewed her patient’s diet and saw that she was drinking a pot of coffee a day!  Even for a connaisseur like my husband who drinks only Italian Espresso Roast brew that was A LOT of Java!

By reducing her coffee intake she reduced her pain.  By removing 100% guess what happened?

Watch Dr. Brennan’s video to find out!



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