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A Different Approach to Physical Pain


Phaedra Antioco is a pain expert, and she’s not only studied the phenomenon of pain, she’s lived it. Having survived a rollover car accident 10 years ago, she understands the desperate state of someone needing help. (I can tell you first hand that her approaches work because she helped me with some pain issues last fall!) 

Phaedra Antioco is the go-to expert when you are in physical and/or emotional pain. She has a different approach to physical pain and is the person that helps you when NOTHING else has worked.

Tune in on our chat and you’ll learn: 

  • What she means when she says “every body tells a story” 
  • Why she also says bones are the slaves to the muscles 
  • How it’s possible to get relief from pain—from a distance 
  • How what we do for a living ends up in our bodies 
  • Her thought about surgery, and what you need to know

Hear our conversation here: Interview with  Phaedra Antioco 

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