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A Different Approach to Men’s Health


I don’t know about you but I don’t know much about men’s health.  How could I? I’m not a man.  There is no way I can fully understand a man’s body, mind, or soul.  In general, most health topics apply to men and women, equally. Eat real food, exercise, and sleep more are beneficial for everyone however,  there was a different approach to men’s health that is unique and promotes outside the box thinking?

Not medicine but a more holistic approach to men’s health.  Josh Holmes with Achieve Results Physical Therapy,  Michael Gross “the Wingman” and author of the Wingman’s Path to Positivity and Ryan Daniel Beck owner and creative director at bodyART Studios discuss men’s health from a different perspective.

We touch on:
  • Man-opause
  • Testicular cancer
  • Positive mindset for men
  • Aesthetic-based training vs function-based training
  • Toxic “fitness” trends that accelerate the aging process
  • Addressing outdated and harmful ideas about “masculinity” and gender norms in the fitness industry

Learn the 4 most important words about fitness according to Ryan Beck and they are not what you think.  Again, this is a different approach to men’s health.

If you’ve ever had to persuade your husband, father, brother, or adult son to visit the doctor, eat better or exercise more you will learn so much from watching this video.  It’s full of the information you need to know about men to better understand and support the men in your life!  You’ll be surprised at how much of this conversation is applicable to your own health as well.

PS: Make sure you catch Michael every day for his Live practices on Facebook and start your mornings with enthusiasm and positivity.

I highly encourage you to take a free bodyART Studio training session with Ryan.   You can find him at 10 am EST on Facebook.

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