Suzanne Taylor-King
Are you ready for more energy, more vibrancy, and a greater sense of well-being in all areas of life and your business? Let's up-level to the ultimate version of you! Since 2009, Suzanne has supported individuals and small businesses to grow personally and professionally. She is a technology wizard, and a master certified coach (10,000 + hours) with a unique marketing strategy and a genuine interest in seeing others succeed. Drawing upon her background as a competitive athlete, and the study of positive psychology, the neuroscience of habits, and personal wellbeing she take ideas to the next level for her clients. One of her marketing ideas generated over 5 Million in sales with only a $100 investment. Setting and disrupting trends in marketing, advertising and PR helps her clients connect the dots, find the leaks and develop the strategy for their practices to succeed.........take that to the next level and… View More
LuAnn Buechler
LuAnn is known as the Little Spark, and that she is - Sparking breakthrough change in businesses and individuals. She is the owner of PMC Events & Coaching which she started 14 years ago. She is a transformational coach, certified facilitator of the Passion Test & Passion Test for Business. She is a professional speaker, trainer and event facilitator. LuAnn is the co-author of Exceptional Care for Your Valued Clients, applying the power of positive word choice in the customer service experience and ihug: My Journey as a Hugger, which she self-published in 2017. She is also a Director Consultant for BNI, Business Network International, which she has been a part of for 14 years as well. BNI is the primary tool LuAnn has used to grow her business. Her favorite quote is “Do what you love, in service to people who love what you do.” This is what she… View More
Sheree Clark
Sheree Clark is a Midlife Courage Coach, TV show host, inspiring speaker and accomplished author. Sheree has written and presented on topics ranging from finding your passion to overcoming career burnout. She appears in a weekly segment on KCWI channel 23 called Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark, while maintaining a busy practice coaching clients one-on-one and in groups on creating an authentically fulfilling life. In her personal time, Sheree and her cat Lotus work on their yoga poses. View More
Kimberly Price
Kimberly Price is a WHOLE LIFE strategist, holistic health practitioner, certified yoga instructor, philanthropist, wife and mother of four; passionate about taking the HELL out of healthy living; (be it with a smoothie, laughter, a fun event or an unconventional type of mediation,) to help you start thinking, acting and living like the CEO of your life so that you can find the courage to start moving forward faster in your Health, Relationships and Business. She is about whole-body wellness and helping to inspire and empower people to believe in what’s possible for them, in living their biggest best lives. She lives for clean eating, loves the outdoors, a restorative yoga class, adventure travel, a good pair of jeans, smooth jazz music, the smell of fresh coffee, the sound of the wind, and her day to day life with her four crazy kids, husband Nate and their four-legged hairy child… View More
Why you might need a Midlife Courage Coach
Today I am excited to share with you a very special edition of Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark.  Sheree is here as the guest where she is asked some of the questions she poses to her guests and her clients, too. But first here's a little about Sheree: For 25 years Sheree owned and managed successful Ad agency.  She is an author, public speaker and host of a weekly healthy living segment on local TV. Sheree's home life is just as exciting.  Her distinctive art deco home was highlighted in a Better Homes and Garden book and was featured on the Discovery Channel. Sheree is a whiz in the kitchen.  I love her smoothie and juice recipes. She actively practices yoga and is the proud owner of a Maine Coon Cat named Lotus, who often steals the show during her Facebook Live Sessions. In this interview, Sheree explains… View More
Be Smart, Open-Minded and Brave For A Healthy Lifestyle
It is a myth that to live a healthy lifestyle you need willpower and sacrifice.  In reality, it takes neither.  What is required is for you to be smart, open-minded, and brave in order to make changes and create new habits. Do you have questions about your health and wellness that you’d like to have answered but you’ve never asked? Every Wednesday you can find me live on the Living Healthy List Facebook Page where I help answer those questions. Each month we focus on a different question in the areas of health, wellness, personal development, and bringing more fun into life. In the past few weeks, I’ve talked with Lori Bryan Woolridge and LuAnn Buechler on their take on the importance of being an SOB.  A strong, open-minded, and brave person. Lori and LuAnn came up with additional words for the acronym.  Smart, self-love, Open-hearted, optimistic, bold, benevolent. All-powerful… View More
How Do You Show Up in Life and Business
The last 12 years of growing my business have really been about growing myself. Life coaching yourself and deciding to show up how you want to be in the future, that best version of yourself, is the most powerful thing you can do for your business and your relationships.  Wondering what it has taken, I decided to put this personal reflection together of the traits that I have been cultivating over the last 12 years especially! First, let me say it has not been easy.  I have been tested with anxiety, depression, weight gain, weight loss, illness, and many, many failures! My #1 passion to help others succeed, this all-consuming, energizing almost obsessive purpose to let others in on the things I have learned, the rules I have broken.  This purpose to change beliefs, habits, and BS rules that keep others from self-love and success! It doesn't have to be… View More
Live a more enjoyable and meaningful life
How will you remember this time of early 2020? How did you live?  Will you recall how you were possibly quarantined, riddled with angst and fear, hoarding toilet paper? OR... Will you remember how for the first time in a long time your family shared meals together, played games together, talked, laughed, and loved together? It's time to flip the switch for a more enjoyable social distancing experience. The way you took the time to relax and partake in some self-care and reflection. You finally finished that project you put off. Implemented your health and exercise routine? The constant and elevated stress of daily living and working melted away, allowing you to be more mindfully present in each moment? Social distancing has given us the gift and opportunity of being able to do a lifestyle “re-set”.  Living a more enjoyable and meaningful life. Gratitude, compassion, empathy, and joy can be… View More
Are you putting living your best life on hold?
Are you putting living your best life on hold? Do you ever just feel like you’re putting living your best life on hold? Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect time to do what it is you’ve always wanted to do. You might think you need to get yourself to a better career position before you can have fun. Perhaps you don’t think you deserve to take time for yourself when there are so many things that your family needs. Regardless of your reasons, putting your life on hold and waiting for someday to do the things you aspire to is rarely a good idea. The fact is, we’re never guaranteed a tomorrow.  Instead, decide what it is you want out of your life and take action steps to get it right now. Not tomorrow. Not someday. Take a look at the following suggestions to get started living your best life… View More
Stop Trying to Lose Weight for Your Healthiest Life!
Stop trying to lose weight! No More Restricting Calories! Based on my personal experience and working with my health coaching clients, I have learned a very important lesson. The secret to living your healthiest life is to not “try to lose weight!” I know this may sound counterintuitive, but let me explain. Time and time again, it is proven that counting calories or restricting our food intake is not a sustainable plan for maintaining our ideal weight or optimizing our health. In fact, most people (as high as 90%) of people who do lose weight, end up gaining it back and many actually gain back more than they lost! The problem is, when you focus on trying to Lose Weight , there is a finish line, an end result. And once you reach the goal, you take your foot off the gas and resort to the old habits that led to… View More
Money Coach versus Financial Advisor?
 WHICH PROFESSIONAL SERVICE DO YOU NEED? “What do you do?” I’m often met with a confused look among business mentors, associates at networking events, and friends who don’t quite grasp, at first, exactly what a Personal Finance Coach or Money Coach  does. I have one family member, in full-fledged support, disappointed because he had just gone to a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for a consult. After two meetings, he had transferred his portfolio of assets through this new financial advisor. Said family member would rather have had me provide this service for him in support of my professional endeavors. I gently explained that my services do not compete with those of his CFP and that I could still help with the coaching aspect of his issue. A win-win-win for us all! I’ve spent several minutes of a conversation going round and round with one business advisor, explaining what my business… View More
Daily Practices for a Happier More Mindful Life
Find something every day to be happy about can change your life! Finding something to be happy about so that you are a happier person overall can seem almost impossible when you are in the thick of the negative mindset! If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering how to get yourself out so you experience less stress, anxiety and more happiness in your life. Here are some daily practices that can help you be a happier more positive person. Express Gratitude A positive mindful attitude to have each and every day is gratitude. Rather than focusing on the bad things in your life, be gracious for the good things. You can actually do this in your mind when you can sit silently and be thankful for the job you have, your ability to put food on the table, or even something as small as getting up… View More
Five Steps to Help You Reach Your Goals in Life and Career
Staci Witten, ACC, CPLC I could talk all day about goal setting, but chances are you have read the books and listened to the seminars on the topic. However, even though you are familiar with the topic, you still may not be meeting your goals.   Why?   In order to reach a goal, you have to really own it. To really own a goal, you must really want change.   And, to change you need to know why you want to change. In other words, you need to know your “Why?”  You discover your why by examining the various areas of your life (Faith, Health, Family, Career, Social, Family, Recreational, Environment, and Finances ) and determine where you need or want change.  To assist you in the process, download my complimentary tool (It’s absolutely free to the Living Healthy List community!) Career is the area I want to focus on today.  But,… View More
Martha Shea
Hi, I'm Martha!  I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years in both the United States and Canada. My love of power yoga, strength training, movement, and personal growth work inspired me to create Quick Hit Yoga. I have a busy life as we all do. As a working Mom with a passion for fitness, I wanted to create a class that would bring all of these elements together in an on-line virtual studio called Quick Hit Yoga. In 2000 I  earned my first 300- hour yoga certification with The American Yoga Academy. In 2001I continued my training and received a yoga certification from The Yoga and Healing Center in New Jersey with Wendy Grosse, who specialized in Soul Sweat Yoga. In 2003, I was certified in Prenatal Yoga with Janice Clarfield at Kripalu Yoga, and in 2008, her Yoga Ed Certification in Ontario. My teaching has been inspired… View More
Herbs & Vitamins that Help Men Live Longer
Have you ever thought about the gap between the life expectancy between men and women? For years, as a nutritionist and life coach, I have tried to get my husband to eat healthier, take his vitamins and get more exercise.......and don't get me started on the drinking more water!!! One at a time over the past 15 years he is come along, not with broccoli, but different healthy lifestyle suggestions!  There are many herbs and vitamins that help men live longer. Interested? If you're like most people, this may be the first time that you've heard that today, many women all over the world outlive men by an average of as much as 10 years. Before you give up and accept your fate, you might be surprised to hear that there are a few things that you can do to have a longer, more productive, and healthy life.   Could it… View More
Denise Stegall
As a speaker, teacher, transformational life coach, and curator of Living Healthy List my experience ignites ideas, conversation, and connection. My strength is a  connector, a leader who radiates emotional intelligence, strength, positivity, resilience, and a zest for life! I bring you 20 years of experience/study in nutrition, cooking, exercise, and coaching to show you how you can enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life through nutrition and self-empowerment. It all began when I earned my Bachelors's Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Business Management with a focus on nutrition.  I have worked in the hospitality industry and have certifications in Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Nutrition, ETP, and Plant-Based Cooking. My experience in cooking and nutrition delivers a unique perspective on what works (and doesn’t work) for most people.  The Living Healthy List Method uses three pillars: Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions, and Be Accountable.  By following this simple plan… View More
Lori Bryant Woolridge, CPA, CSC, ACC
Hi, I'm Lori Certified Life/Spiritual Coach, Author, Confidence Peddler, Angel Scribe, Irreverent Spiritualist, Girl Power Advocate, Love Connoisseur, Sun Lover, Cloud Watcher, Founder, SOL Innovations Coaching Group and Stiletto U and Proud Mom. Officially, I am Lori Bryant Woolridge, CSC, CPC, ACC, confidence coach, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), author, speaker, and Angel scribe. I am the founder of SOL Innovations Coaching Group, which specializes in 1:1 life coaching to build feminine, spiritual, and creative confidence; and Stiletto U, a virtual university advocating purposeful and sensuously empowered lifestyles for women through workshops, retreats, classes, and literature on love, sex, and relationships. I created the Power of Wow curriculum, an eight-week program designed to teach women self-love, acceptance, and sexual ownership; and Successful, Single, Searching, a six-month program to teach and empower successful women to attract the love and relationships they desire and deserve. Additionally, I am an Emmy… View More
Staci Witten
Staci Witten is a dynamic and accredited coach, consultant, speaker and author specializing in the areas of career, leadership, and achieving work- life balance. Staci works with professionals to rediscover, reclaim and redefine success. She helps motivated professionals and teams explore and leverage their strengths as they soar to reach their goals for themselves, businesses or employers. Staci coaches and consults professionals one-on-one and in groups. Her clients include: Professionals who want to find their next job. (Clients who follow Staci’s proven job search strategies find a new job within approximately 90 days or less!) Professionals who are ready to take their career to the next level and achieve better work-life balance. Solopreneurs who want to increase their revenue and live more intentionally while pursuing their passions. Companies and teams who want to work more productively and cohesively. She is a former HR executive with over 20 years experience including… View More
Whitney Prude
Whitney is a practicing Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist (PharmD, BCPS) at Mayo Clinic, and a Mayo Clinic and Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). She is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of Whole & Happy Living, a virtual health and wellness coaching company. With significant experience in the health care field, Whitney specifically helps driven, frustrated individuals, achieve their long sought after health and wellness goals by helping them escape the diet rollercoaster, overcome the mental and emotional barriers that are keeping them from living their ideal life, and create habits that enable them to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Click here to schedule a Free Strategy Session with Whitney and begin your journey to greater health and wellness.     View More
Success Through People, Passion and Process
When I hear the word connection, I think of my BNI Family and all the people I have connected within the 17 years I have been a member of the organization. For those who are unfamiliar, BNI stands for Business Network International. Our philosophy is “Givers Gain,” if you give of yourself to help others be successful, you will naturally can in return. Those are the only two words they needed to say to me, and I said, “I want to live like that!” If I focus on helping other people by connecting them to the resources they need to be successful, I will WIN in the end right along with them. How cool is that? It gives me great joy to be a connecter of people. I feel blessed to call Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, my friend and colleague because of a BNI… View More
Cultivate a Mindful Approach to Every Day by Journaling
Did you learn a lot about yourself in the last year as you navigated the changes that Covid created? I certainly have and believe that it m resonates with many of you as well. Yes, I learned a lot about myself. I especially realized the importance of slowing down to enjoy the small, often overlooked, yet most meaningful and rewarding moments in the day. Taking the time to talk and connect with my family became one of the positive changes made last year that I hope to sustain for the long term. In the past year, I  learned how to cultivate a mindful approach to every day by journaling.   As life returns to a new normal, I plan to continue to slow down and cultivate a mindful approach to every day. I want to ensure that I stay present with the little moments that can get overlooked when focusing… View More
Aura E. Martinez
Aura E. Martinez is a Self-Discovery & Empowerment Coach, creator of the Aura Blueprint™ and author of the book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve. Aura helps women gain total clarity in their purpose so they can wake up to a life of daily fulfillment and certainty. She is also the founder of Live to the Max™/Viva al máximo™. A free course -  The Path to Your Nirvana View More
A Transformational Trek and The Women of the Mist
As the owner of PMC Events & Coaching one of my passions is to create events that inspire people to achieve the success, they desire in life and in business.   Most often to succeed you need to get out of your comfort zone.  So I created a transformational trek in the boundary waters in Northern, Minnesota to help women do just that!  You'd be amazed at how reconnecting to nature and pushing your limits outdoors can help you succeed in life and business!   The Transformational Trek Begins Our trek began at Seagull Outfitters at the end of the Gunflint Trail in Grand Marias. Our adventure team consisted of my sister Lori, friend & colleague Beverly, family friend Catherine, and me.  We spent the first night bonding in a lovely cabin before embarking on our wilderness adventure. As an experienced outdoor person, Lori was our guide.  Catherine and I had… View More
What is Soul Sexy?
The concept of 'sexy' plays an important part in our culture. We describe people as sexy, but we also use it to describe objects. In shorthand, sexy is good. It's magnetic. Sexy things are coveted in all areas of life. Sexy people exude power, confidence, and success. Being sexy in our society is important. Soul sexy is magnetic. The dictionary may define sexy as being: sexually attractive or exciting 2. exciting or appealing. We have a way of interpreting that as a way of acting so we are noticed and validated by others. And because we don't bother to question that definition, or where and how it impacts us, sexy is often a double edge sword that can cut deep.   Level Up Your Definition of Sexy As a spiritual soul having a human experience, it's time to level up your understanding of what sexy is and how it is… View More
Are Bladder Leaks Keeping You Up at Night?
Sleep is essential for our overall health and wellness. Although sleep alludes to many of us especially if bladder leaks are keeping you up at night.   Sleep Eluding You? I bet as you've gotten older the quality of your sleep has steadily decreased. Busy schedules increased stress, and poor work-life balance is some of the reasons why a good night’s sleep can be so elusive. Experts have long recommended 6-8 hours for adults. Why?  Because poor sleep is linked to a number of health problems, conditions, and diseases. Have you ever tossed and turned most of the night with little or no sleep? The next day it can be difficult to stay awake but a lack of sleep can also affect concentration and reduce productivity. On the other hand, a good night’s sleep can be energizing, improve problem-solving skills and memory. Several studies have also shown the people who… View More
How to Increase Your Chances to Reach Your Goals
Did you know that working with a coach increases your chance to reach your goals? Whether you need assistance with time management, losing weight, or building a business, working with a coach will help you bring your goals into focus and help you strive towards them. Are you ready and willing to grow, learn something new, or face the challenges you’re struggling with?  Is there a gap between where you are right now and where you want to be? What are you longing for?  Where are you discontent in your life? Do you want to look or feel a certain way? Are you ready to start your dream job?   Create a New Life Working with a coach can help you solve problems, create a new life or increase your business profits. Why? Because you set the goals that are most meaningful to you.  Coaches help you get past the… View More
Begin Again: 7 Secrets to Successful Change
Have you been secretly beating yourself up for yet again failing to follow through on promises you made to yourself? Maybe this was going to be the year that you started exercising regularly? Perhaps this was going to be the year that you stopped eating sugar, or you were going to finally lose that weight? Was this the year that you were going to prioritize learning to meditate? We beat ourselves up for failed promises all the time and it subtly but steadily chips away at our self-esteem, our confidence, our belief in who we are as people. Guess what? YOU are no less capable of making these changes than anyone else. You just need the proper tools, information, and support. Change is hard… for everyone! When you see pictures of Adele post major weight loss… do you think it was easy? She’s so talented she can do anything! Not… View More
Make Space for the Love You Crave –  May
Clean up the Relationship Residue Keeping You Stuck How many times have you thought, or said to yourself, "my life is a mess?"  And how many times has that question referred to the romance and relationship part of your life? I'm guessing that if you are reading this now, the answer is a lot. I' and I bet all that mess is weighing you down. But when it comes to cleaning up your love life, just where does one begin? What's Got You Stuck? Relationship residue is a part of the clingy, personal clutter that is taking up space in your head and heart and limiting your happiness when it comes to love and your relationships.  It's that invisible, shape-shifting emotional clutter that presents itself as regret, anger,  fear, self-doubt, people-pleasing, unworthiness, and more. And just like the dust bunnies in the corner, it multiplies and morphs into negative behavior… View More
Carola Becker
  Carola Becker is a passionate certified Nutritional Therapist, Sports Nutrition Advisor, and online Course Creator.  She is the proud founder of Life is Good Nutrition and she designs personalized nutrition plans based on her successful system. Carola is a keynote speaker and presenter who works with corporations as a Nutrition Advisor, and delivers presentations about Nutrition. She is a member of the complementary therapies team at Exeter University.  In addition, Carola also runs luxury wellbeing retreats in the most stunning locations all over the world. Carola personally looks after a small number of clients worldwide with her Exclusive Personal Nutrition Coaching. It’s all about what makes you tick: discover the ultimate way to regain your energy levels, support your body and brain - and simply feel fantastic! Read  Carola's recent article on Why Nutrition is Vital for Mental Health. Get your copy of Carola's Brain Foods Recipe Book Here! View More
Relieve Pandemic Fatigue with Self-Compassion
Are you feeling “pandemic fatigued” or burn out? Has your motivation, mood, or energy been negatively affected because the life you usually enjoy has been dramatically impacted by  Coronavirus?   Spending time with family and friends, working in an office with the coworkers you actually like, or going to social events have all been eliminated.  If this sounds like you perhaps it is time to incorporate a self-compassion practice into your daily routine. You can relieve pandemic fatigue with self-compassion. Before we understand self-compassion it's essential to know what compassion means? It literally means to “suffer with".  When you have compassion for someone you feel moved by their suffering and your heart responds to their pain. Self-compassion involves acting the same way towards yourself when you are having a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself. So, having compassion for yourself is really no different than having… View More
Dana Bender
  Hi, I'm Dana!  I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and Mindful Change Coach, with more than a decade of experience in helping people with behavioral change. I have a Master of Science in Clinical Health Psychology and Counseling, a Bachelor of Arts in Health Promotion and Fitness Management, and a variety of fitness and wellness certifications.   Additionally, I am an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), ACSM Exercise Physiologist, and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. As part of my company Dana Bender Wellness, I work holistically with people as they work towards improving their own self-care practices related to exercise adherence, stress management, resilience, and mindset. In my coaching practice, I offer private yoga sessions and personal training. Do you want to stop being too hard on yourself or getting in your own way? Are you interested in improving… View More
Self-Care for Your Personal Finances
This year for Valentine's Day, give yourself some love and self-care via attention towards your finances. Here are some how-to ideas. Your personal finances are likely not the first thing you think of when you hear self-care.  Coming out of a year like 2020, self-care is a term that is both over-used, but cannot be overrated.  It's a term that means different things for different people, so I want to add a different perspective here, to what you may consider self-care. As a personal finances coach, self-love or self-care most definitely must include an aspect of personal finances.  Money, after all, is such a big part of our daily lives.  Its energy gives us options, freedom, and the capacity not only to provide for ourselves and our families but do a lot of good.  Are you now starting to see why being a good steward of our money ties really… View More
The Perfect Time To Embrace The DIScomfort Zone
This is an extraordinary time, isn't it? It's the type of situation you imagine reading about in a history book, not living through. The very idea of the entire world shutting down stores, working from home, and mass layoffs would have sounded insane at the introduction of 2020. Yet, this improbable event has thrown the world into disarray.  Now may just be the perfect time to embrace the DIScomfort Zone and move forward in 2021 as the best version of yourself! We're all quarantined at home, socially isolating, and constantly refreshing the news for updates on the newest hotspot of COVID-19. We are worried about our jobs, we are worried about our families, we are worried about our friends, and we're worried about our future. The difficulty that you are facing right now can be one of two things for you. You can view the pandemic as an obstacle. Or… View More
2021 Financial Preparedness Cannot be Underrated
If 2020 has taught us one thing, it's that financial preparedness cannot be underrated!  Yes, time and time again once we get past the cash shortfall or job loss and things start to look steady again, preparing is no longer on the forefront.  What I am excited about for 2021 is a new way of approaching finances and preparedness that helps us build a rock-solid financial foundation one guided step at a time! How to make and keep financial preparedness sexy and engaging? The benefits of having a solid money life - stability, resiliency, and money confidence - is sexy! Even when we make efforts and see results towards building our financial strength and wellness, there is the ongoing effort required to maintain our progress.  Sound daunting? It doesn't have to be.  A month-by-month guide that provides comprehensive rotating topics and action items to accomplish preparedness is the ticket! New Year,… View More
Reflect and Redirect for the Best Version of You
Happy New Year! New Year, New You, New, and Improved. Each of these sentiments sounds refreshing.  Especially this year!  It's time to reflect and redirect for the best version of you! How do you avoid making the same mistakes over again and wind up in the same place exactly one a year from now?  What do you need to do? To truly create a New Year or New You, it is essential for you to reflect on the year that you have just experienced.  Reflection is the key to self-awareness.  It allows you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Sit quietly and think honestly about the things you did right!  What were the things that turned out well for you?  What were your successes?  When you have these thoughts on top of your mind then celebrate every one of them! Once you realize how much you've… View More
Malnutrition and Type 2 Diabetes
In acknowledgment of Diabetes Awareness Month in the United States, our guest expert Gianluca Tongon “The Food Scientist” and Associate Professor in public health at the University of Sweden discusses diabetes and malnutrition in a way many of us never consider.  We are grateful for his insight and support of Living Healthy List. Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most common chronic disorders that affect nearly 415 million people worldwide. Insulin is a hormone released in the body to manage glucose concentration in your blood. When this hormone cannot work properly, the concentration of glucose in the blood increases, leading to high blood sugar levels.   Diabetes Patients are at a Higher Risk of Malnutrition 30.3 million people or 9.4% of the U.S. population has diabetes and many of them suffer from malnutrition.  Malnutrition refers to getting too little or too much of certain nutrients.  You could be overweight or… View More
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran
Hi there, my name is Andrea Hayley-Sankaran, the joyful cook. I am a certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach and a vegetarian chef of 25 years.  Check out my popular food blog, Buttered Veg.  My expertise helps people transform their mindset toward cooking so that balanced living feels compelling and achievable. I recently launched the Natural Gut Health Solution, a powerful 6-week program that helps people with chronic health concerns reverse their diseases with diet and lifestyle habits that align with nature. I firmly believe in the power within each individual to heal naturally, without surgeries, pharmaceuticals, or expensive supplements. In fact, I host the Health Breakthrough LIVE Summit which features personal stories and accounts of miraculous healing, resilience, strength, and hope, along with the enlightened doctors and healers who support and empower our health and happiness. I would love to stay in touch and support you on your wellness journey.… View More
Indoor Workouts for Cold Weather
Your health is your most important asset so let's make this month your month to get moving.  To finally have that routine of movement that drives your hormone balance, metabolism and even helps reduce depression and anxiety.  Did you know that simply moving once an hour and 25 minutes a day is effective at increasing serotonin and dopamine production.........both of which are critical in feeling happier, more fulfilled.  I have included several indoor workouts for cold weather.     During the warm summer months, nothing is as enjoyable as run in the sunshine, a dip in the local pool, or rolling out your yoga mat in your favorite local park.  When the Autumn breeze starts blowing and temperatures drop we have to get creative and intentional.  We need indoor workouts that will get us through the cold months.  Depending on where you live in the world, you may still have… View More
Giving and Receiving are the Same Thing
‘It is better to give than receive.' This powerful statement implies is that we are better people when we forsake ourselves and give to others. As with most societal and cultural dictates, this popular proverb has become an edict for women's expected behavior. And even though it originated in the Bible, the spiritual intent of giving has been long lost, replaced by a lopsided mindset that is messing with us all.  Did you know that your ability to receive love says about the love you give?   Giving IS Receiving The part that gets lost is that giving and receiving are one and the same. When your intents and actions are on giving to others, you automatically receive as well. In other words, you can't give without receiving and can't receive without giving. And though it often doesn't feel that way, the fact is you're always getting something. Why doesn’t… View More
Do You Have Sex on the Brain? Maybe You Should!
Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite sayings is, "Where Your Mind Goes Your Butt Follows." It's clear, concise, and action-oriented. Action follows thought. This idea applies to everything from making your dreams come true to creating a rip-roaring, passion-filled sex life. Because as the little cartoon above illustrates, brain and heart are your two biggest sex organs, though most of us mistake the other ‘stuff’ as the only 'parts' that count. So if you really want to amp up your sex life, it’s time to wake up your sexy mind because once you turn on your brain, the rest of the equipment is sure to rev up, or as I like to put it, “Sexy starts in your head. Where it ends is what makes your body smile.” Shaken and Stirred See, the thing is, thinking sexy when you're in a new relationship is easy. In… View More
The Tie Between Yoga & Personal Finances
Since September is National Yoga month, it's the perfect opportunity to talk about the tie between yoga and personal finances.  Really?  Yes.I'm a Personal Finance Coach, Educator, and Financial Wellness expert here on Living Healthy List.  In practice for over 25 years, I've had a life long love affair with yoga.  As a fan of yoga and personal finance, there are several parallels between both.  In fact, yoga can enhance your personal finances and financial wellness.  Here's how.There are eight practical aspects and applications of yoga, according to the Yoga Sutras.  These are known as "sadhanas" or practices. "The eight limbs (of yoga) are social ethics, personal disciplines, posture, breathe regulation, (internalization of sensory awareness), focusing, maintaining a focus and complete absorption of the object of focus." A Strong FoundationWhen viewed from this perspective, it's not hard to see several parallels between yoga and financial wellness. Yoga is a practice.  The… View More
Reverse Aging with Healthy Relationships
While once upon a time we focused on living a long life or a healthy life.  Now we are now more focused on the idea of living a healthy life to enjoy our twilight years properly. Typically, when we think of what we need to do to maintain our health we look out our diet, we consider how much we exercise, and maybe think about our sleeping habits. Those are all wonderful places to start, and they are absolutely important to your overall health at every stage of your life. There is one thing, though, that we don't pay enough attention to and that is our human connections. Building strong relationships with family and friends is important at every age.  Increasingly so as we get older. It can help us age healthily and even extend our lifespan. Harvard Study Harvard has been running an ongoing research study that involves thousands… View More
Lissa Figgins
Hi, I'm Lissa Figgins.   As a Women's Wellness Consultant, my mission is to help busy women prioritize their wellness.   With a simple 3-step plan you can finally turn knowing into doing.  I bring over 20 years of experience educating others to help women create a true lifestyle change.  Do you ever know what you should do to take care of your health, but find you just aren't doing it?  As women, we often put everyone (and everything) else first and ourselves on the back burner...and then one day wake up and wonder why we look and feel the way we do. It’s often because there's a gap between knowing and doing that's filled with excuses...time, money, motivation...but it's really a matter of making it a priority and having a plan. I am a wife, mother, health coach, entrepreneur, blogger, educator, and friend.  On my happiest days, I am connecting with… View More
5 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again and Why It Matters
Feel Like A Kid Again! “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw When was the last time you remember feeling like a kid? I mean that in the best possible ways; playful, carefree, in the moment, moving your body with abandon, completely unself-conscious? If you picture a beautiful summer day, kids are laughing and squealing with joy as they run and play, doesn’t it just make you smile? Many adults think of play as only for children. It turns out there are incredible benefits of play and innumerable ways in which to enjoy i.. Play is the gateway to vitality   According to the National Institute for Play (NIFP), play is the gateway to vitality. In their article on the importance of adult play, Helpguide notes, “Playing with your romantic partner, co-workers, pets, friends, and children is a sure… View More
Health Food Supplements You Should Know About
Health food supplements (supplements) are one of the hottest selling products in the market these days.  In the US there are billions of dollars in sales every year. Recent surveys show that more than half of the adults in the U.S. use supplements in different forms, such as tablets, capsules, powders, soft gels, gel caps, and liquids. Its' not surprising that studies show a close correlation between health and nutrition.   When you have an insufficient amount of nutrients your body's defense mechanism is weakened causing medical problems from the common cold to severe long-term illnesses. The higher use of health food supplements is attributed to public awareness of health issues and improved standard of living. Types of Health Food Supplements There are different types of supplements, including macronutrients (amino acids, proteins, essential fatty acids), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), enzymes (digestive enzymes and antioxidant enzymes), probiotics (beneficial bacteria in the gut),… View More
Your Financial Freedom Wellness Quiz
Celebrating Financial FreedomFor years now my kids have spent the Fourth of July with their grandparents and dad.  It’s a “kid-free” few days for me.  I have the freedom to choose how I want to celebrate.  My tradition is doing whatever I feel like doing each year! Whatever the plans, Independence Day is always the perfect time to reflect on and celebrate freedoms.  It's a great time for your financial freedom wellness quiz. As a Personal Finance Coach and Educator, one of the most prominent freedoms that I give thought to and celebrate is financial freedom.   Financial Freedom Defined There are many ways financial freedom is defined. For many, it means retirement from work. Personal Finance guru Dave Ramsey says,    "Financial freedom means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared."    Entrepreneur, financial educator and author Robert Kiyosaki defines financial freedom as the point… View More
Is Better Sexual Health Only An Apple Away
You've heard the phrase an apple a day keep the doctor away, correct?  It's common knowledge that eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables promotes optimal health.  What if that apple is the key to better sexual health?  Could it be that simple? Is better sexual health only an apple away? Let's explore. Tom is 45-years old. He is married with two children and has a good job. He has never been the athletic type and for as long as he can remember he's been a few pounds overweight. In the past ten years, his life has progressively become more sedentary.  With two children and a job that is increasingly more burdensome,  the available time he has to train or d participate in sports shrank to almost nothing. When it comes to eating a healthy diet, both Tom and his partner would love to behave as role models for… View More
Are Your Boardshorts Damaging Your Brain?
For over 30 years, Al Baldwin held court over his kingdom on the Gold Coast beaches of Australia.  Dosing out suntans like a mobile house painter greek god with pump, hose, and can. He was that “Guy from Down Under” with a golden body.  He patrolled the beaches and handed out sunscreen showers so you could get the bronzed Aussie look.  All but the protected areas under the boardshorts were covered.  Are your boardshorts damaging your brain leading to memory loss? When it comes to men's health more often than not us blokes won’t see our doctor unless there‘s something wrong under the trunks.   When you type men’s health into a search engine you get “boardshorts medicine” results.  You know everything under the boardies is considered“men’s health”.  That's it! But the biggest issue is rarely discussed, it’s taboo, and is of an epidemic proportion.  Globally, I’m talking about the hundreds of… View More
Feed Your Beneficial Bacteria
Your gut and its inhabitants, the microorganisms that make up your gut microbiome have many key functions that influence your overall health. A healthy gut microbiome is important for men and women of all ages and something to take into consideration when it comes to your lifestyle and dietary choices.  I bet you've never thought to feed your beneficial bacteria. Research continually shows that your gut microbiome can influence your overall health.  Specifically through the production of metabolites that can positively or negatively interact with your immune, cardiovascular, metabolic, and nervous systems. Although a ‘healthy’ gut microbiome has yet to be defined, there are properties that are strongly associated with healthy people.   Bacterial diversity describes the balance of the different types of bacteria. It is a measure of how many different types of bacteria are present and their amounts. Bacterial diversity is important especially to increase the beneficial bacteria. Healthy… View More
Find your silver lining in these troubled times
Do you know that "silver lining" that people are always looking for? I'm here to tell you that even in this challenging time, it's there. These may be the scariest time ever and that you feel as if you are flying without a net.  I assure you, there is still something positive to be found!  It just may take you a bit longer but you can find your silver lining in these troubled times. Spring is a time of renewal and growth. It can be for you too. Here are seven different questions to ask yourself to get started. What are you learning about yourself that is surprising to you? How have you been stronger than you thought you could be? How can you/have you help(ed) others through this difficult time? What new things have you found you enjoy doing? How are you proud of yourself for how you have… View More
Eat Well Without Going Broke
There is a common myth that eating healthy and fresh, including organic produce, dairy, and meats,  is expensive and is out of reach for many families.  As a Personal Finance Coach & Educator, I have indeed seen clients spend thousands of dollars per month on their groceries and supplements.  After all, when you don’t have your health, what else is there?  Some would argue it is worth holding on to, or restoring, at any cost.   I assure you that you can eat well without going broke! But what about those of us that want to feel great and sustain eating well, while living within our means? On the heels of the recent Living Healthy List "Diet Demystified Summit" (here's just one interview that talks about food.  You can get gain access here if you missed it) I want to provide some tips and a resource for those who struggle with the… View More
Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Mother’s Day is this Sunday in many parts of the world.  If there was EVER a time for mothers to feel validated, appreciated, pampered, healthy, and loved, this #stayathome Mother’s Day 2020 is it. Right?  So I've come up with unique Mother's Day gift ideas for peri-menopausal moms. Whatever your circumstances - kids, no kids, grown kids, teenagers, littles, or grandkids - this new reality is HARD. I’ve had to put on my big-girl panties and up my ‘mother’ game in a serious way, with varied success. For me, some of this involves the following: The Sisyphean task of housework - it’s constant and thankless. The house seems to be messy again before I’ve even finished tidying. And the dust. Seriously, where does all the dust come from? I will never under-appreciate my weekly cleaning lady again. Trying to work, study, and be of valuable service to my awesome clients… View More
Lisa Pepper-Satkin
The importance of understanding the difference between a coach and a therapist and why it’s important to hire mindfully. In the mid-2000’s I answered my internal call to move from my traditional therapy practice to that of an Executive Therapeutic Coach. A change that fully embodied and reflected my passion for assisting others. A change that enables me to help individuals like yourself on their journey to a more fulfilling business and personal life. Let me explain! I entered the world of the professional psychotherapist, hoping to aid others in finding and expressing their authentic selves. My dream, like that of so many others, was to facilitate, guide, and compassionately assist those seeking to work through the blocks that inhibited them from living a full and happier life. In some measure, I achieved this. Something was missing, though. In reality, I was faced with the continuous pressures and frustrations of… View More
Tips to Cope and Thrive in These Trying Times
Dealin’ with the ‘Rona Blues?  Here are some tips to cope and thrive in these trying times. Across the globe, life as we’ve known it has literally come to a screeching halt. The entire world is reeling in fear, uncertainty, and stress due to the ravages of COVID-19. Your own world order has shifted dramatically. You're now asked to distance yourself from your extended families and friends. You're being asked to stay home from your place of worship, cancel celebrations and work from home.  If you're lucky to still have a job. Schools are closed, the markets are tanking, and toilet paper is scarce.  How can you thrive when you feel like you're just getting by? Your new normal is anything but. So how do you deal with the 'Rona blues?   You Have More Control Than You Think   As you adjust to this new, and hopefully temporary, normal,… View More
Real Talk About About the Stages of Change
My own transformation, from a burned-out psychologist to a vibrant community volunteer, and ultimately to a calm and centered coach, took about 20 years. Sheesh!  Based on my experience, and that of my clients  I think it's important to have a real talk about the stages of change. Does that terrify you? I mean, who has 20 years to spend getting their sh*t together? Well, here’s something that might be even scarier… I’m still changing! Yup. Newsflash!... Change is never complete. It’s never over. There is no finish line. There are, however, milestones along the way that make the journey totally worth it. Whether you want to become a runner, learn to cook for your health, find your Zen through meditation, or just begin to spend more time away from your phone, lasting habits are built slowly and with mindful awareness. This is a process and I will try to… View More
A Solution to Fear and Anxiety
As a Midlife Courage Coach, I understand that most women deal with fear or anxiety every day.  You may not think that you are.  But, you are!  Even the most put together of us is combatting some type of fear or another and we really do need a solution to fear and anxiety to help us move forward in our lives. I don't necessarily mean fear for your safety, that's a separate issue.  It's something much more deeply seeded and personal. Have you ever thought that: you are not good enough smart enough educated enough Maybe your fear is how people perceive you.  Are you constantly saying yes to requests from others?  Do you take on tasks whether at work or in your personal life that you really aren't interested that leave you overwhelmed and short on time?  There is a solution. Are you afraid of success?  It seems counterproductive… View More
Maureen Vincenty
As a Peak Performance Health Coach, Maureen is an expert in transforming the bodies and lives of her clients. Formerly a NASA/EPA scientist, her obsession with research turned to health after losing her mother to cancer unexpectedly. She has spent the past 18 years researching optimal health, fitness, and preventative wellbeing. Her passion is to help high performers transform their nutrition and lifestyle so they can look, feel, and perform their best.   View More
Christi Witten
Growing up, I had a huge passion for performing. My schedule would consist of school, show choir practice, musical practice, voice lessons, dance lessons, and practicing on my own. When I went to college, I didn’t have that full schedule. I felt alone, bored, depressed and didn’t know the focus of my education.  I went to the gym to cope. There, I quickly learned how nutrition and fitness could impact anyone’s life. My passion for movement in performing shifted to movement in fitness. My studies in college changed from unknown with a music minor to a Bachelor's Degree in Health Promotion from The University of North Texas. After college, I continued my education and training to expanded my knowledge and experience. I am certified in group fitness, personal training, nutrition coaching.  Currently, I'm working on my Master's in Exercise Science. Currently, I am a  manager at a corporate fitness center… View More
The Secret to Losing Weight for Good
The secret to losing weight for good isn't as complicated as you might think. By far, weight loss, in the form of diet and/or exercise, is the most popular New Year's resolution. As a health and wellness coach I am thrilled that people want to be healthier, and, ‘TBH’... we all want to look better. For me, however, the most compelling reason to make this resolution is that ultimately how you will feel. Physically, you'll have more energy, feel lighter and quicker, and stronger. The most powerful benefit, however, may be what it does for your self-confidence and self-esteem. You feel beautiful from the inside out. I know... you've made the resolution to lose the weight every year and you are frustrated that you have to keep starting from scratch! You might even feel that you've tried every diet, every pill, everything! But... Did you know that the secret to losing weight… View More
2020 Comfort Zone Challenge
How do you plan to start the new decade? Why not kick it off with a bang? After all, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" -  Neale Donald Walch. Life outside your comfort zone won't require you to jump out of a plane, but it will require you to go against the grain of the glorification of busy! Are you up for a challenge? I challenge you to do two things in 2020 that will require you to step outside your comfort zone.  Ready for the challenge? I challenge you to... Start and end your day with gratitude Destress daily Make these two simple tasks part of your morning routine. At the beginning of 2019, I knew I needed to make some changes and in retrospect, I am so glad that I didn't put it off! Last year was quite eventful and fulfilling. Starting my day with… View More
Lauren Weinberg
Imagine waking up in the morning excited to get your family on its way and get to work, feeling in control and confident about your success - without any guilt for what you’re not doing. Imagine having the energy you need to get through your busy day, get dinner on the table, and to exercise. Imagine feeling like you again, loving, fun and at peace. Hi! I’m Lauren Weinberg. As a busy working mom, my days were hectic, stressful, and I was always flying by the seat of my pants. I was putting my wellness and happiness last and eventually, I crashed. I suffered from burnout. That all changed when I decided to design a life that worked for me and my busy family instead of always playing catch-up. The first step was making small changes that helped me start feeling in control. For example, I created an easy breathing… View More
Escape with Massage for Better Health
Massages are often thought of as a luxury. You get the chance to escape from the chaos of your everyday life and capture a moment of relaxation. But what many may not realize is that massage therapy not only provides an escape but a wealth of health benefits. As I continue on my educational journey, I am soaking in vast amounts of knowledge to empower people to manage stress and gain vitality and health naturally. Embrace the health benefits of massage therapy   I have to be honest, I am guilty of categorizing massages as a “treat” or a luxury item. But after studying the aromatherapy aspect of massage therapy and how it relates to the systems of the body, I am setting aside funds to be able to embrace the health benefits of massage therapy.  If we look back in history, we will see that in the 1900s, Marguerite… View More
Living Healthy List on Business Talk Radio
You've got questions, and we've got answers! Radio host Christopher Roberts,  recently interviewed me on Business Talk Radio.  He wanted to understand who were are at Living Healthy List was and what we were all about. I was excited about this interview on Business Talk Radio because they are is located in Hauppage, New York, which is on Long Island. I grew up just a few miles away, so this interview felt a bit like going home.   It's been a lifetime since then, and I don't get back there often.  Twenty-five years have passed since I lived there, yet it will always be a big part of who I am today. The business owners Christopher and the three other business Talk Radio hosts interview a wide range of areas, including health and wellness.  Not unlike Living Healthy List, the interviews offer listeners a glimpse of the different types of wellness advocates,… View More
My Menopause Experience
I was a bit floored; I’ll be honest with you. Recently, I created a survey entitled, “My Menopause Experience”.  I wanted to get some input and feedback from women experiencing different stages of menopause that would help me find the best ways to support them. There were three questions I asked which I was especially surprised by the answers. The first was “Who taught you about Menopause?” The multiple-choice answer was: A. Your Mother   B. Your Grandmother   C. Your Sister and D. Other (fill in).    Over 70% of the women polled said either “no one” or they researched it themselves online and in the media. The second question was: “Do you feel you had a solid understanding of menopause either before, or upon entering this phase of your life?” It was truly concerning to me that 77% of the women polled said “No”.  Can you imagine how different each of their experiences could be or have been, with some… View More
The Magic of Menopause: What You Need To Know
There are so many myths and misconceptions about menopause.  Often times, a women's perception of all phases of "the change" will determine her experience with it. Every woman needs to learn about the magic of menopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy is not an option for many women, due to family history or their own health issues.  There are holistic options including nutrition, lifestyle, and mindfulness to help women reduce or eliminate challenging symptoms. In her interview with Linda Thompson of The Author's Show,  Lorraine Miano, Certified Health & Hormone Coach, shares info about her book, The Magic Of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back! She also discusses her positive views on what is often a challenging time for many women and  offers advice and support on how to holistically manage the symptoms of "the change" including perimenopause and menopause, while also encouraging women to have a positive outlook… View More
Lorraine Miano
Lorraine Miano, Certified Health & Hormone Coach discovered her passion of offering menopause advocacy,  support and resources to women in all phases of menopause through health coaching, proper nutrition and preventive lifestyle choices. She received her certifications as a Health Coach and hormone health expert from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has been able to help even more women by writing and publishing her first book, The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back! The book helps guide women through the struggles they face as they begin menopause and helps tackle the daily changes such as balancing hormones holistically, getting a better night’s sleep and reducing or eliminating hot flashes, to name a few. Lorraine loves to encourage her clients with her mantra “Menopause is NOT an ending! IT IS a new beginning!” Please click here for your free guide Eat Your Way to Hormone Health… View More
The Rebalance Formula™ for Food Sensitivities Master Class
Do you experience fatigue, digestive problems, migraines, body aches, anxiety or depression? Have you ever considered that food sensitivity could be the cause? Back in 2008 I was feeling awful. I suffered from such intense fatigue that on some days I couldn’t even leave the house. I had persistent body pains from my head through to my feet. What’s worse, the decline in my physical health meant that I started becoming what I refer to now as “Mean Mommy”. Because I was suffering so intensely, it made it very difficult for me to be patient and present with my kids. It was a difficult period of my life, but everything changed when I decided to adopt a gluten-free diet. Quite frankly, the results were shocking (in a good way!). Within two weeks, I was a completely different person – or more accurately, I started feeling more like myself than I… View More
Here’s a shot of courage!
The way I see it, there are two kinds of courage. One starts as a reaction. You respond to an emergency or a situation almost instinctively. It’s why someone puts themselves at risk to save another. The other type of courage starts as an intention. A conscious decision is made and a goal or a dream is pursued. This is how businesses get started, bad relationships are left and airplanes get jumped out of. There can often be many phases to reaching a big, gutsy goal. But in my experience the same first step is required, no matter what the ambition. And that first step is to declare it. For many of us this is a hard thing to do. It may feel impossible or scary. It may feel as though saying it out loud is somehow an act of betrayal, whether to someone else or your old way of… View More
Unraveling the Mystery of Soulmates
By Lori Bryant Woolridge As a spiritual coach who specializes in love, relationships, and feminine confidence, I often get asked some version of the soulmate question.   Do they exist?   Where is mine?   How do I know? For many, believing in soulmates is a source of both angst and hope. Angst, because not having found theirs, they feel something must be wrong with them; and hope because of the idea that a very special someone-- the great love of their life—is out there waiting, gives them something to hang their loving desires upon. And I say, keep hope alive! Because with hope comes possibilities, and with love all things are possible. But it's important to temper that hope, and those lovely possibilities, with the knowledge of what soulmates truly are and the important role they play in your personal growth and soul’s evolution. Otherwise, you can lose out… View More
The “List” of Never Ending Shoulds
By Audrey Elegbede The last few days I have been overwhelmed by my ‘List’. You know the one. That list of things that loom: getting the kids camp packing done, scheduling the cat’s appointment with the veterinarian, contacting my son’s teacher for next year or our daughter’s track coach, preparing next month’s child care, organizing for next week’s graduation open house, and making sure there is toilet paper in the house. Oh, and making sure I get at least 6 hours of sleep, work a full week, and am emotionally and physically available to support my children and my spouse. (If I left anything out, it only means those things have fallen off my list, and I will hopefully rediscover them again later.) As a parent, the ‘List’ is tremendous. No doubt. As a special needs parent, however, the ‘List’ feels a little more complicated. This list also includes doctor… View More
The Many Benefits of Mindfulness
Suzanne Taylor-King BS, CHLC, CHN, CaPP, AADP Mindfulness is something you may have seen in the personal development section of bookstores, as part of a yoga DVD, or in various health and wellbeing stores.  You may already know that there are different aspects to mindfulness, including meditation. What you may not know are the benefits of mindfulness in your life. Before you think there is too much involved and not enough reward for that involvement, consider these three benefits of mindfulness in your life. Reducing Anxiety and Stress There are several techniques in mindfulness that can help with anxiety and the reduction of stress. Breathing techniques, meditation, and mind mapping are just three of these methods. The key point to remember with each of these methods is that they benefit you by helping you refocus and reduce the triggers in your life. They help you sort out the issues that… View More
An Interview with Marianne Williamson
Interviewer: Sheree Clark, Midlife Courage Coach Whether you consider yourself “political” or not, tune into Sheree Clark's interview with Marianne Williamson. Don't know who Marianne Williamson is? Marianne is with a woman who already occupies a place in history. She’s been a guest on Oprah, Good Morning America, and Larry King Live. She’s written more than a dozen books, and a few years ago Newsweek magazine even called her one of the 50 most influential Baby Boomers. And now, she is a candidate for President of the United States in the 2020 election. Some of the key points of this interview are: * Where spirituality and politics intersect * What her morning “non-negotiable” is * How she knows who to trust * Why fear seems to be so rampant in our culture today * What she might like as much or more than being president of the United States "I… View More
Debbie Movsesian
Debbie Movsesian is a physician assistant and a health coach. She graduated from the University of Michigan and attended PA school at George Washington University. She has many years of experience treating cardiac patients. Her passion is health promotion and disease prevention and treating the root cause of disease. This passion led her to start coaching as she believes it is the education plus close support and accountability that truly inspires long-lasting health. She believes we all have the power to live a life free of chronic disease without relying on medications. Debbie is passionate about helping people unleash that power through a multidisciplinary approach centered around whole food, plant based-nutrition. Her simple, tasty way of eating is easy to make a healthy habit and proven to prevent and even reverse common illnesses. Unlike medications, which only treat symptoms, Debbie’s method, which incorporates food and other lifestyle strategies, gets to… View More
Manifest Your Dreams: Create a Vision Board
Sheree Clark, Midlife Courage Coach Manifest Your Dreams: Create a Vision Board When I first introduce the concept of vision boards to my Fork in the Road clients, most have heard of them. However, only a handful have actually created one. A vision board is a pictorial representation of what you would like to have in the next chapter of your life. It can be literal, like a picture of the car you want, or suggestive, like a photo of a sandy beach. It might be ethereal or symbolic, like trees to signify nature, clouds for space or sunrise for peace. The end vision board can appear simple with just a few select images and lots of white space, or more complex with every inch of the board covered. All that matters is that it looks and feels good to you, that you believe you can attract or create your… View More
What is Your Passion?
LuAnn Buechler Master Trainer & Coach Would you like to live in a world where living your passions are primary and joy and fulfillment are an everyday experience? Passions come from your heart and are clues to your personal destiny. Who would you be if you lived your life from a place of passion and purpose? We all know our world is changing. Following your passions is no longer a luxury. Studies show those who achieve enduring success are all passionate about what they are doing. Yet, 4 out of 5 working American are unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Only 20% of us are living a passionate life. Imagine a life where you are motivated and inspired to choose in favor of your passions. Living your life where everything that you care about is happening right before your eyes. And, fast forwarding to your dreams can be a reality. With The… View More
Suzanne Taylor-King
Are you ready for more energy, more vibrancy, and a greater sense of well-being in all areas of life and your business? Let's up-level to the ultimate version of you! Since 2009, Suzanne has supported individuals and small businesses to grow personally and professionally. She is a technology wizard, and a master certified coach (10,000 + hours) with a unique marketing strategy and a genuine interest in seeing others succeed. Drawing upon her background as a competitive athlete, and the study of positive psychology, the neuroscience of habits, and personal wellbeing she take ideas to the next level for her clients. One of her marketing ideas generated over 5 Million in sales with only a $100 investment. Setting and disrupting trends in marketing, advertising and PR helps her clients connect the dots, find the leaks and develop the strategy for their practices to succeed.........take that to the next level and… View More
Erica Hunter
Erica Hunter is a wife, mom, holistic health coach and lover of veggies. She believes the food-body-mind connection is powerful, and daily food choices matter. As a Health Coach, she helps clients become fearless about food as they eliminate foods from their diet due to food sensitivities, allergies, and other medical conditions. She received her training as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. View More
LuAnn Buechler
LuAnn is known as the Little Spark, and that she is - Sparking breakthrough change in businesses and individuals. She is the owner of PMC Events & Coaching which she started 14 years ago. She is a transformational coach, certified facilitator of the Passion Test & Passion Test for Business. She is a professional speaker, trainer and event facilitator. LuAnn is the co-author of Exceptional Care for Your Valued Clients, applying the power of positive word choice in the customer service experience and ihug: My Journey as a Hugger, which she self-published in 2017. She is also a Director Consultant for BNI, Business Network International, which she has been a part of for 14 years as well. BNI is the primary tool LuAnn has used to grow her business. Her favorite quote is “Do what you love, in service to people who love what you do.” This is what she… View More
Sheree Clark
Sheree Clark is a Midlife Courage Coach, TV show host, inspiring speaker and accomplished author. Sheree has written and presented on topics ranging from finding your passion to overcoming career burnout. She appears in a weekly segment on KCWI channel 23 called Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark, while maintaining a busy practice coaching clients one-on-one and in groups on creating an authentically fulfilling life. In her personal time, Sheree and her cat Lotus work on their yoga poses. View More
Dr. Karen Wolfe, MBBS, MA
Dr Karen Wolfe is an Australian physician, Coach, Speaker and author. Born in Sydney Australia, Karen graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and completed a Masters Degree in Psychology from National University in California. She worked initially in Australia as a family physician followed by 8 years of experience in the administration of national health care, wellness and senior programs in her role as the Medical Director of the Australian Government Health Service. She is the author of seven books, including Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? – The 8 Simple Steps for Lasting Weight Loss and Optimal Health, Create the body Your Soul Desires: The Friendship Solution to Weight, Energy and Sexuality and her new eBook Gut Matters: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Digestion to Boost Your 'Second Brain' and Improve Your Mood Karen is a Guiding Mindful Change Coach and a Holistic… View More
Lisa Medley, MA
Lisa believes that as we create more love in the body, we create more love in the world. Lisa is the founder of Soulistic Arts and serves as a Body Relationship and Sustainable Wellbeing Mentor. She helps clients tired of survival or so-so mode who are ready to reclaim their birthright to thrive! She has over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts including; a MA in Expressive Therapy, training in life and wellness coaching, a certified massage therapist (CMT), holistic health consultant, conscious movement and dance facilitator, and continues to study energy medicine, somatics, and spirituality. Lisa is the creator of many body-centered programs to help clients feel more comfortable in their own skin. She is a visionary, innovator, and thought leader in the area of PhysioSpirituality™. Her core program, Beloved Your Body™, empowers clients to cultivate a positive relationship with their body to integrate and sustain a wellbeing… View More
Epigenetics DNA is Not Destiny
By Dr. Karen Wolfe, MBBS, MA Have you heard about the new science of epigenetics? Epigenetics tells us that our environment plays a far greater role than we have ever thought and we have discovered that our genes dance with our awareness and our beliefs can become our biology! The genomic revolution opens a new window into why our bodies do what they do and how we can work with our genes, rather than against them. As science advances, we will be able to recommend diets, lifestyles, drugs and nutrients that help maximize genetic potential and minimize risk of disease and obesity. ‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it’ is to take the wheel and drive into the sunset in happiness and health through every choice you make. Watch our video Start your journey with Dr. Karen with your FREE eBOOK One of the reasons I created WellPRO International… View More
Owning Your Inner CEO
Kimberly Price Founder Real Healthy Living Fast track guide to owning your inner CEO: 7 quick steps (+ 7 bonus ideas) to unlocking your inner CEO now and reclaiming control of your future! You can lead, or be lead... The choice is yours! Owning your inner CEO is as simple as opening your mind and making different choices. Now, i want you to ask yourself each of these questions & take note of the first answer that comes into your mind: Do you act like or tell yourself everything in your life is great, while behind the scenes you are constantly busy, stressed out and overwhelmed? Do you tell yourself it will all get better when…….Jonny goes to college, john gets a new job, you “get caught up”. What is your magic super power? It’s interesting what comes up, isn’t it? I want you to discover, accept and know that… View More