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10 Secrets to Having the Best Day Ever


By Kimberly Price

We all want to have a great day. Every day, right?

But… you think it’s impossible, don’t you?

I’ve got a few secrets; 10 to be exact. These secrets are little reminders of things you already know but often lose sight of in the midst of the chaos and crisis that life can sometimes throw at you.

Consider each one and incorporate these easy tips into your daily life and you will experience more vibrant energy, increased happiness, abundant prosperity, and better health!

10 Secrets to Having the Best Day Ever!

1.  Be Present: Live in the NOW. The TODAY.

2.  Be Realistic: Set doable daily priorities, for where you are at today.

3. Be Balanced: Set goals and make a plan. Life will shift and change constantly, but with a plan, you’ll be better prepared.

4. Be Rested: Sleep is a very important piece in not only having a good day, but it is the time when your body heals. Don’t neglect or short yourself!

5. Be: Healthy Mind, body and soul food are a daily must. How will you fuel each area?

6. Be Connected: Both introverts and extroverts benefit greatly from spending time with people they care about.

7. Be Helpful: Find ways to give back, help and inspire others to bring joy into your life. What small ways can you brighten someone else’s day?

8. Be Thankful:  Find the silver lining. Look for the big and the small ways you have been blessed. This increases happiness.

9. Be Refreshed:  Add to your life, rather than taking things away, is the tried-and-true best way to create lasting change. As we add positive changes, they crowd out the negatives.

10. Be You:  Shed the “masks” and live the life that you were created for. No time like the present to chose to celebrate your authenticity!

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